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Olga van Doorn is a jewelry artist trained at Vakschool Edelsmeden Amsterdam. Olga has exhibited in Amsterdam, Paris, Milan, Munich, Florence and New York City and was featured by Vogue Italia as promising jewelry designer. She was one of the award-winning artists at Artistar Jewels during Milano Jewelry Week and at the Florence Biennale Art and design.

Working as a jewelry artist and a medical doctor Olga is confronted with life being determined by both strength and vulnerability and by the need for things of beauty. Her fascination for this symbiosis leads to jewelry that is characterized by fragile looking organic forms and delicate beauty. She advocates the statement 'Beauty is a human right', made by the Dutch philosopher, lawyer and writer Maxim Februari. Olga is convinced that beauty is a necessity, comforting and essential, which gets particularly clear when confronted with illness, pain or loss. Her work is both minimalist and curious, using natural materials and precious metals, challenging traditional techniques for contemporary designs. Olga designs in clean configurations, as natural beauty originates from the most elementary and balanced patterns and forms. 

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